1/2 Overview - Term 2, 2021


In Term 2 Reading, our Year 1/2 students have had a focus on Searching for and Using Information to make meaning as they read. Using key information found in the text and artwork, students have been able to make connections, visualise and critique. They have developed skills in summarising a text. This involved reading, making meaning and condensing a text into a main idea and supportive evidence.


In Term 2 Writing, our Year 1/2 students have continued to learn about the 6+1 traits of writing (ideas, word choice, organisation, sentence fluency, conventions, voice and presentation). We have had a key focus on the traits of conventions, sentence fluency and organisation. These traits enabled students to create texts with a clear message for the reader.



In Term 2 Maths, our 1/2 students have developed their understanding of 2D shapes. They have named and drawn the shapes and identified the features including corners and sides.  They have also explored 3D objects where they have named and made models of the objects and identified the features of 3D objects, including the number of faces, edges and vertices. Students have also developed an understanding of the value of a digit in accordance to its place in a number. They have used various materials to make a model of a number, partition a number and have begun to use mental strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. 



During Term 2 Inquiry students undertook an investigation into an aspect of science involving change. Students created a deep dive question in relation to the overarching topic of ‘why do things on Earth change?’ Students developed skills in questioning, researching, predicting, communicating and evaluating. Students engaged in a variety of methods to share their knowledge and to teach their peers about their chosen topic.