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All Victorian Government Schools are zoned. The Department of Education's Placement Policy ensures that students have access to their designated school BUT also provides families the freedom to choose other schools outside of the zone if the school has the capacity (facilities) to accommodate these enrolments. 

Please visit the Find My School website to find further information on school zones.

What does this mean for families who live within the Zone?

Absolutely nothing, your child's enrolment is guaranteed at our school as your designated zoned school.

What does this mean for families who live outside of the Sunbury PS Zone but have a preference to enrol their child at our school?

Great News! Due to the increased school capacity, Sunbury PS is now able to accept 2024 Prep enrolments from families outside of the school zone and can confirm placement by July 2023 (we understand how important this is in supporting a smooth transition to school).

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