3/4 Overview - Term 2, 2021


In Reading, students have engaged in reading a range of both fiction and non-fiction texts. They developed their ability to make inferences about changes in characters traits and motives. Students are able to identify the author's message, less familiar themes and issues in texts as well as characters beliefs that are different from their own. They provide evidence from and the text and their prior knowledge to support their inferences. Students continued to apply reading strategies to develop fluency and self-monitor for meaning when reading independently or aloud.



In Writing, students developed their skills through the creation of a range of written texts that included narratives, persuasive texts and information reports. They explored the text structures and features of different text types and used a range of strategies to edit and revise their work for accuracy and meaning including sentence structures. Students explored their passion through Writer’s Workshops and gathered ideas using Writer’s Notebook.



In Number, students have explored strategies for addition and subtraction using their knowledge of place value. Students investigated the relationship between different units of time and used analogue and digital clocks to tell time to the nearest minute. They examined real world situations requiring the calculation of simple elapsed time.They identified the probability of everyday events using the language of chance and ordering the chances of these events occurring. They conducted experiments of chance and identified possible outcomes.



Through their focus on Earth Space and Biological Sciences, students developed their understanding of  ‘What Burns Them About Earth and Beyond’. They developed a deep dive question and used a range of resources to investigate their question. The skills the students applied were posing real questions, finding resources, interpreting the resources and reporting new findings.