5/6 Overview - Term 1, 2021


This term, the Grade 5/6 students will be continuing to build upon good reading habits through using strategies to choose good fit books. They will expand their inference skills across a range of texts. Students will use fiction and non fiction texts to search for and use information when discussing their understanding of reading material.



Students have launched into using their Writer’s Notebook to generate ideas for a range of writing experiences. Through using the craft of writing, they will be able to explore and adapt their writing to suit different purposes and genres, including the use of a variety of sentence types.



Through the use of the Maths Problem Solving Toolkit, the Grade 5/6 students have been discovering and exploring a range of strategies to support them with solving unfamiliar worded problems. This Toolkit will be continuously used throughout the year to assist across the operations and different concepts of mathematics. Students will develop their understanding of place value and number, including decimals and fractions.



The focus of this term’s Inquiry is Identity. Students will dive deep into understanding how they are unique and how their mindset and actions affects themselves as individuals, as well as their relationships with others. Through the Passion Project, students will demonstrate how they can have a positive impact on the school community.


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