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5/6 Overview - Term 2, 2021


In Reading, students will develop the reading comprehension strategy of synthesising.  They will discuss how their attitude or belief has changed after reading or viewing new information about familiar and unfamiliar topics.  Students will continue to build upon their summarising skills through gathering and organising information from a range of texts, and providing a concise summary that reflects the main idea.



In Writing, students have been constructing a range of sentence types, including complex sentences, to demonstrate their understanding of sentence composition. They will identify and use a range of word groups and phrases to enhance their writing, including learning how to order sentences to create a cohesive piece.



In Mathematics, students will build upon their addition and subtraction problem solving skills through applying a range of mental and written strategies.  They will continue to apply these skills to include decimals, fractions and percentages. Students will create a financial plan which highlights their understanding of budgets, calculating change and percentage discounts.

Students will  investigate three-dimensional shapes. They will be able to explore and construct a range of prisms and pyramids. They will develop their understanding of a range of angles on a straight line and on points with the use of a protractor.

Through posing questions and collating data, students will develop their understanding of different data sets and how they can be visually represented. They will explore how to include two categorical variables when constructing side-by-side column graphs.



Through the focus on Earth Space and Biological Sciences,  students will develop their understanding of “What on Earth (and beyond) is Happening?”.  They will follow a scientific process to develop skills in posing critical thinking questions, planning and conducting their inquiry, collating and analysing their data, and communicating their new learning through their chosen platform. Students will consider the type of action that may come from their inquiry process.

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