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Child Safety Standards

The Victorian Government is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people.  As part of the Victorian Government's commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust report, which found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in our community, there is a new regulatory landscape surrounding child safety, underpinned by the new PROTECT Child Safe Standards.  The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect (reference Department of Education 2016).

Sunbury Primary School is committed to ensuring that all students can learn in an environment that is safe and supportive and have adopted the Child Safe Standards as part of our everyday practice.  Please refer to each policy for further information.

As valuable partners in promoting and maintaining child safety and wellbeing at Sunbury Primary School we welcome and encourage your feedback.  


If you have any suggestions, comments or questions in relation to our child safe policies and practices, please contact the Principal or Assistant Principal. 

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