Welcome to 3/4M

It is 2020 and another exciting year at Sunbury Primary School.

I would like to formerly introduce 34 M to the wider community.

  I am proud to educate, engage and inspire 23 awesome year 3s and 4s.

We are located in the beautiful historical Cross Building.

The students will be working in a collaborative environment that will enhance their self-awareness and actions towards others.  I am a true believer students should support each other to make the learning exciting.

Throughout my teaching experience I have grown to understand the importance for students to have the support and guidance, to be challenged, and to become deeper thinkers.  I believe students need a range of platforms to seek support and ask as many questions to further their learning.

The students in 34 M will be encouraged to use Edmodo, a technological online tool, which is designed to further their curiosity and a platform to seek support by posting their queries and questions.

I welcome all parents and carers to visit our classroom.

3/4M Classroom Teacher

Mr. Daniel Montalto


Tel: (03) 9744 9744| Fax: (03) 9744 9799


41 The Heights, Sunbury, VICTORIA 3429

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