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The Patch - Garden Warriors

The Garden Warriors Program is a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Class facilitated by SPS Green Thumbs Volunteers in Sunbury Primary School’s very own kitchen garden ‘The Patch’.
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What is a Garden Warrior?

As a Garden Warrior your child will learn many valuable skills including, how to grow, harvest, prepare and share seasonal produce. They will also learn how to use various garden tools, identify plant varieties, identify fruit and vegetables as well as how to care for and look after The Patch’s chickens. Garden Warriors will be encouraged to develop life-long sustainability habits and will become ambassadors who care for our school and local environment as well as championing healthy eating. Garden Warriors will be encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with their peers and the wider school community.

Sunbury Primary School’s War on Waste Wednesday 

War on Waste Wednesday is a food scrap and soft plastic collection service run by volunteers and students from Sunbury Primary School.
It’s a ‘Swap ‘n’ Go’ style set up. Families are provided with a bucket with a lid. Fill your family’s bucket with leftover fruit and vegetable scraps. Drop your bucket to the front or back gate’s ‘War on Waste Wednesday’ collection point and swap your bucket over for a fresh clean one. Repeat.
Your food scraps will be sorted. Some will go to The Patch’s chickens, some will go to The Patch’s worms and the rest will be composted. Most importantly your food scraps will be diverted away from landfill.

Drop off your soft plastics to the front or back gate’s ‘War on Waste Wednesday’ collection point and we’ll make sure that they are delivered to our local Coles or Woolworths so that they can be recycled

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