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Japanese Overview - Term 2, 2021

Here at Sunbury Primary, students at Foundation level explore the culture of Japan, although some language is included. From Years 1 to 6 the program focuses on both the culture and language of Japan. 

In Term 2 Foundation students will learn some basic greetings. They will explore the geography of Japan by locating Japan on a world map and developing familiarity with the map of Japan. Students will identify the country’s capital city and four main islands and learn about the Japanese flag. They will investigate the type of clothes Japanese people wear and how these clothes are different from and similar to the clothes we wear in Australia. Students will also learn about Japan’s annual March event of Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls’ Day), a day where families who have daughters celebrate, wish and pray for their health and happiness. 

Year 1/2 students will extend their knowledge of greetings by learning set phrases to ask others how they are. They will experiment with verbalising several responses to this greeting. Students will continue to develop their number fluency to support their learning of time-related vocabulary. They will learn the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons in order to read a Time Calendar.

The Year 3/4 students will learn about traditional and modern Japanese homes. They will name, read and write several house features in Japanese. Students will create basic sentences to describe houses. They will also explore the differences and similarities between Japanese and Australian homes. 

In Year 5/6, student will learn words and phrases related to Japanese classroom manners. They will explore the language and culture of food in Japan. Students will participate in activities related to food and chopsticks etiquette. They will become familiar with the Japanese vocabulary for Youshoku (Western food in Japan) and Washoku (Japanese food). Students will experiment with using set phrases commonly used in a setting where food is eaten. Linking the unit to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program means students will also have the opportunity to take part in creating a yummy Japanese dish!

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