Prep Overview - Term 2, 2021


Our current focus for reading is Solving Words. Students are beginning to build skills to solve unknown words they come across in texts. Alongside solving words students will have a focus on Monitoring and Self Correcting. They use the key questions, ‘Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?’ to ensure they stay on track. Students develop strategies such as using the initial sound and picture clues as well as segmenting and blending the sounds in words to fix up errors made and to those unknown words. Students will continue to work on their individual reading goals.



In Term 2 students have a focus on sentence structure and demonstrate awareness of basic conventions when writing. They develop their understanding of ideas and organisation through writing memoirs, explaining their thoughts and feelings about experiences. Students continued to engage in learning the various sounds that letters and letter combinations make through cued articulation and purposeful application of this knowledge.



In Term 2 students name numbers in sequences to and from 20. They matched number names, numerals, and quantities while developing their understanding of place value for teen numbers. Students explore re-grouping ones into bundles of ten. They compare and order the duration of events using everyday language of time such as long, short. They show their understanding of the days of the week in various ways and link these to known school events such as specialist subjects. Students ask and answer yes/no questions to collect information using tally marks. They record data on simple picture or column graphs and interpret this data to show their understanding of information collected.


Investigations/ Inquiry

Students participate in Investigations which develops students to become independent learners, critical and creative thinkers, and build resilience and a sense of self through developmental play. It promotes the development of socially engaged learners who are emotionally aware and regulated. Students are highly engaged in decision making and problem solving opportunities whilst working collaboratively as well as independently. Inquiry is captured throughout our investigation sessions with tuning in focused on both students' ideas and inquiry topics, areas are also set up with a range of different activities to develop these ideas further. During Term 2, we have a focus on Earth/Space Science as well as Biological Science. Students have developed focus questions linking to our driving question ‘what makes life possible on Earth?’. Throughout our science inquiry unit students will develop skills such as questioning, predicting, conducting, recording and communicating relating to their chosen question.  Focus students work with teachers one-on-one on a regular basis where students are extended in their learning, and links between students’ interests, Inquiry  and Literacy and Numeracy are made.