Welcome to Prep T

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In our classroom we share a love for learning. We encourage and support one another to achieve our best at all times. We demonstrate the value of integrity to build strong relationships and trust within our classroom.  Prep T is a team that works together to make sure we are kind, respectful and curious learners, celebrating our own and each other’s successes. We take chances and make mistakes to show our determination and persistence.


We love exploring our ideas further through investigations showing our creativity while also developing our communication and problem-solving skills.


We promise to be ’Bucket Fillers’ both in and outside the classroom and learn something new every day.


We are lifelong learners and can’t wait to share with you our classroom full of magic that never stops and adventures that never end.


Prep T will strive to do their best,

and always put our mind to the test.

We make mistakes and that’s okay,

we work so hard every day.


Exploring is the way to go,

develop ideas and let them grow.

Curious is the way to be,

and that’s why we are in Prep T.


Learning never stops in here,

we always celebrate with a cheer.

That’s why it is safe to say,

we love coming to school every day.