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STEM Overview - Term 2, 2021

At Sunbury Primary School our students experience a semester of STEM each year through classroom lessons and extracurricular opportunities.

This year our Foundation students will be exploring how common materials are produced and the impact this has on our environment. Students will study the sources of natural vs man made materials and use them to create a new product. Foundation students will also explore the basic concepts of robotics and safe Digital Citizenship.

Year 1/2 students will be given the opportunity to refine their collaborative skills through a range of tasks and challenges. Students will be investigating the basic principles of ‘flight’ and how we can emulate these through experimentation. Year 1/2 students will also learn to colour and block code an Ozobot performance.

In Year 3/4, our students will participating in our famous ‘Cardboard Arcade’ unit where they will design, construct and present a unique game to our school community. Students will be introduced to the principles of the Design process and be encouraged to critique their work. Using their knowledge of mathematics and block coding, students will also participate in the ‘Sphero Pirate Ship Challenge’.

This year our Year 5/6 students will be holding our annual ‘SPS Science Fair’ where they will use Scientific Method to investigate, report and present their own science experiment to our school community. Students will also be exploring the role of UAV’s (i.e. drones) in our society and the ethical issues surrounding them.

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