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The HIVE is a space where collaboration, innovation and creativity is explicitly taught through a variety of well-developed, problem-based inquiry models across Foundation to Year 6. It is a space where learner engagement is at its peak and learning is infused by four main Victorian Curriculum areas, including Digital Technologies, Design Technologies, Science and Critical and Creative Thinking capabilities.


Students work as self-directed, active investigators and problem-solvers in small collaborative groups. Teachers adopt the role as facilitators of learning, guiding the learning process and promoting an environment of inquiry. Some of the learning that students from Prep to 6 will experience in the HIVE are:

  • Coding

  • Robotics - Building and programing

  • Game Design and Development

  • Design Thinking

  • Creative Thinking

  • Construction and Building

  • Engineering

  • Science

  • Working Collaboratively

The Hive Family Night 2019

The Hive Family Night 4.jpg
The Hive Family Night 1.jpg
The Hive Family Night 3.jpg
The Hive Family Night 2.jpg
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