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School Profile

Sunbury Primary School has a strong family theme and presents a range of opportunities for involvement and engagement of parents.


Learning is valued and supported by all and the school strives to be seen as a community of learners.


Partnerships with parents are highly valued with parental participation in school programs, Parents Association, School Council, project committees, community building and fund raising.


A broad curriculum is provided to all students that reflects the school’s vision and values, and is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Sunbury Primary students enjoy the benefits of our close relationship with the other Sunbury and Diggers Rest schools, Victoria University School of Education and our professional associations.

Transition programs operate across the school. The school provides a large number of additional activities designed to achieve our vision and fulfil our values by enhancing cultural pursuits, sporting activities, leisure activities, environmental awareness, citizenship, decision making abilities, community involvement and general welfare.

Classes are structured to obtain optimum educational outcomes. The heritage-listed bluestone buildings provide a quality-learning environment, and a unique blend of history while providing modern facilities.

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